domain + status quo

published 2023-01-18 by pp

I have changed the domain back to the old name. So it is again.

Will try to add more photos in the future.. I am working through the current image folder from old to new, and now I am somewhere in 2014..

But this is only the "new" image folder with ~ 1700 photos. In the original folder are more photos (~8500). That will come later. And only the "good" ones. not everything.

It takes some time to find out the data, like title, text, location, tags, etc.. for every photo.. but it is also a nice task, to dig through the images, from time to time.

I am unsure what to do with the photos, that are owned by user accounts. Don’t know what people want to do with their photos. so for now I will mainly add photos from my ("pp") and the "anonymous" account.

Send me a mail if you had an account and want to have your pictures or want them to be added here again..

An upload function will currently not be possible . Too difficult for me and .. yes.. maybe later.

(the website is now built with Actix Web (Rust) - before it was Laravel (PHP). I don’t know how to build that with Rust.. and how to protect from misuse. also because here is no login functionality.)