published 2024-06-13 by pp

I have stopped using linkify for making clickable links in the photo text, the album description and the user info text and added markdown to those areas and also to the blog, here..

Reason was, that I was unable to create a link below a photo with a specific anchor text, that was different from the "href" (the "22:20" link below this photo)

Filenames again

published 2024-05-27 by pp

I have found yet another package for the photo names:

With that, shorter IDs can be generated, looking almost like those, that YouTube has:

Example: bTA1qLWh.jpg

I am currently renaming photos with these IDs as filename, based on the Time and Date of creation in the database. That will take some time.


published 2024-05-15 by pp

I had always named the image files in this way:

  • 2006-dreim2.jpg
  • 2014-flatpocket.jpg
  • 2022-verdammt.jpg

Or, when I didn’t know the year, then so:

  • xxxx-amiskindoor.jpg
  • xxxx-aslline.jpg

and so on..

Now I started another way of naming them, because one day, when Rocket offers Authentication, or I find another way to build that, I want to build an upload function again. And then it would be good to have an automatic naming scheme for the images.

I found there exists "uuidgen", a command line tool, here on my Linux system.. You type "uuidgen" and get a UUID: c7dd076d-a5f0-449a-b3b9-530ed7355061 .

So I started naming the images like "c7dd076d-a5f0-449a-b3b9-530ed7355061.jpg"

Then I found another tool, that makes shorter IDs, which is called short-uuid and produces IDs like this: "v4VQKps3TCFbLxHyzpeZ42" which I found better. So now I am renaming all images in this way:


Maybe I will also use these IDs for the URL as identifier.. So "" would become "" but I’m not sure, yet..

count photos on albums page and on locations page

published 2024-04-08 by pp

I have added a small "Count photos number" to the results of the albums page and the locations page.

So, for example the location "Wegeleben" now looks so: "Wegeleben (22)".

update 2024-04-11: added the same on the Tags and Users pages

changed photo sorting

published 2024-04-03 by pp

I have changed the way, the photos are sorted.

Now they are not longer sorted by their "id", but by their "date of creation", that means, the time when they were inserted into the database.

So when I now add "old" photos, from an older version of this site, I want to give them their old "creation date".. (that will take some time, because it will be done manually for each photo)

This way, I hope only "really new" photos will then appear on the start page, and older ones will be inserted on higher page numbers. The archives page should now also grow and show older years. The oldest one should be 2010. I guess in that year I started using a database.

The website itself started in 2009, I believe...


published 2024-02-21 by pp

Today, I have added a country to each location, and a possibility to filter by country on the locations page.

And added floating to the single photo page for a more consistent look everywhere.

Pics per page and a changed theme

published 2024-02-08 by pp

Today I changed the number of pictures per page from 48 to 24.

Additionally, the "blacknwhite" theme was changed and is now more usable (or usable at all, it was not so beautiful before). It is now darker, cleaner and has received rounded corners.

Letters and years

published 2024-01-24 by pp

On the tags page, there is again a possibility to select single letters, to show only tags starting with a certain letter.


And the search should now also find years.